Welcome to the Acceleration Summer Shred Program. This group program will focus on helping you achieve your goals by improving areas like stabilization, strength and power by combining strength training, jump training, agilities, interval training and a whole lot of core. This is designed to drive your body to its limits and transform you into a top athlete. Helping you feel, look, and perform better while living a healthy active lifestyle is the guiding principle for all of our programming both group and individual.

During our two-hour Summer Shred class you will experience:

  • Warm-up – Movement prep and mobility drills to improve overall function and enhance joint stability, flexibility, and neuromuscular efficiency while preparing for the day’s training.

  • Strength Training – Resistance training designed to build lean body mass by using primarily weight and body weight exercises to maintain stabilization endurance while increasing prime mover strength and power. A large combination of fitness equipment will be implemented throughout.

  • HIIT – This high intensity interval training will help anyone looking to shred their physique. A combination of skills development, speed, explosiveness, stability and core training will be covered and are all aimed at creating a well-rounded training program.

  • Recovery – This portion will immediately follow each workout. During we will be focused on static stretching and foam rolling while going over some key training tips to take with you.

Strength and Conditioning is catered to anyone looking to take it up a notch and make this the best summer yet!

Participants should come prepared in work-out clothing and water bottle. Some drills may be done outside (if weather permits) so please, dress accordingly.

Trainers: David & Mitch

Dates: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday (8 weeks)

Time: 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Investment: $450

Summer Shred runs from June to July offering 8-weeks of classes 3-days a week. No class on Holidays.