Spring Training (6:1)

Hitting (40 Minutes)
Pitching (30 Minutes)
Defense (20 Minutes)

Created to help players get in shape for upcoming Spring Season! 6 players to a coach to allow clear instruction and reps necessary to repeat pitching release point, hitting swing and fielding to catch ground balls. 

Pitching Program

Our pitching program is taught by Augie Rodriguez focusing on athletic delivery, arm strength development, arm care and recovery, pitching fundamentals, pitch development, command and leg drive. This program is dedicated to players eager to improve their pitching mechanics. 

Infield & Hand Eye Coordination

Whether you are 10 years old, or an 18 year old senior, proper mechanics and footwork are key in becoming a consistent defensive player. These drills can be done by players of all ages, and are done by Major League infielders on a daily basis.