Our 4-week baseball specific speed and agility training program will focus on preparing the body for the quick burst movements used in all aspects of baseball. While starting pitchers, or pitchers pitching multiple innings may require more cardiovascular stamina, position players (hitters) exert their energy in short, quick burst movements that can’t be replicated by using normal workout machines such as a treadmill or elliptical.  Footwork ladders, box jumps, and a variety of sprint variations are just a few of the quick burst exercises we will do to improve both speed on the base-paths and the quickness required in all aspects of the game.


Our week long hitting camp will be covering all things hitting. In this progressive camp, athletes of all ages will learn proper swing mechanics, tips and drills that promote consistency through repetition, strike-zone awareness, and in game situational hitting (for older or advanced hitters). Throughout the week we will discuss topics such as; the difference between swinging and hitting, hitters mentality, and the "why" behind the drills that we do throughout the camp. This camp is designed for any player that wants to either improve their swing or gain a better understanding of what it takes to be a good hitter. Yes, there is a difference.

Infield CAMP

In this progressive week long camp we will focus on first-step quickness, soft hands, proper footwork, body position, and the importance of controlling momentum at every position around the diamond. Fundamentals are the key to becoming a consistent infielder. Often times defensive work gets neglected and takes a back seat to hitting. Understandably, hitting is fun and defensive drills in general can get boring. Not at this camp. This camp will focus on fun, competitive drills that will make working on your defense fun again, while also creating proper movements and improving hand eye coordination. No matter how good of a hitter you are, if you're a liability defensively its hard to get playing time. Its time to make your infield work fun again!

Outfield Camp

One week of ALL outfield at an indoor facility? Oh yes. Most outfield footwork and hands drills can be done just about anywhere. Throughout the week, players will learn drills that they can take into even the coldest Mn winter. Don't let bad weather be an excuse for why you couldn't get your outfield work in any longer. That being said, during this camp we will not only be utilizing the turf in the facility, but also spending a good amount of time each day (weather permitting) outdoors in the grass lots surrounding the facility. This will allow us to work on outfield communication, hitting our cutoff man, and the throwing accuracy it takes to throw runners out at the bases. Players of all ages will be sure to improve their skills at any and every outfield position and will learn drills they are able to work on in the comfort of their own living room (Sorry Moms).