Proper Body Movements

HITTING (45 Min.)
We will be working on tee work, front toss and back up mixing up distances allowing the player to see the ball from a real pitching angle.

FIELDING (30 Min.)
We will be positioned on our knees working on getting out front and through the baseball, getting behind the baseball allowing players to gain momentum towards their target and working through proper footwork and throwing mechanics. We will focus on the front, glove-side, and backhand drills in a variety of ways.

This program was created to push the envelope a little past the basics. Although we will still go over basic fundamentals, players that are apart of the Junior All-Stars program will gain knowledge of the proper mechanics, footwork, and rhythm needed to be a reliable defensive player. On top of that, we will focus on a smooth approach at the plate that will have you stay back long enough to allow you to extend through the baseball. This is a great opportunity for any ballplayer looking to make that next step in improving their game.

Open to baseball and softball players!

Join us every Saturday in April & May to prepare for the upcoming season. 

Players are asked to bring clean shoes (no street shoes), water bottle and baseball/softball gear.