Infield Camp

Dates: June 17th -21st (Infield)
Trainers: David & Mitch
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Investment: $200 per camp/$650 for all 4 camps

In this progressive week long camp we will focus on first-step quickness, soft hands, proper footwork, body position, and the importance of controlling momentum at every position around the diamond. Fundamentals are the key to becoming a consistent infielder. Often times defensive work gets neglected and takes a back seat to hitting. Understandably, hitting is fun and defensive drills in general can get boring. Not at this camp. This camp will focus on fun, competitive drills that will make working on your defense fun again, while also creating proper movements and improving hand eye coordination. No matter how good of a hitter you are, if you're a liability defensively its hard to get playing time. Its time to make your infield work fun again!

Our summer camp dates have been set! These week long camps will focus on improving specific aspects of the game. Each week we will cover one of the four main areas of the game; Hitting, Pitching, Infield and Outfield. Camps will run 5 days per week, from 12:00-2:00 P.M., with Fridays being fun/competition days with prizes for the winners of each age group.

Ages 12-18 years old. LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! Please check the dates below to see which camps work best for you.

If interested in all four camps, please contact Acceleration Sports Center to learn more about a

package discount ($650 for all 4 camps).


  • June 3rd -7th (Hitting)

  • 16 Players max


  • June 10th -14th (Pitching)

  • 20 Players max


  • June 17th -21st (Infield)

  • 16 players max


  • June 24th -28th (Outfield)

  • 20 player max

Trainers: David & Mitch
Dates: Weeks specified above
Time: 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Investment: $200 per camp/$650 for all 4 camps