JUNE Player of the Month Athletes

Our June Player of the Month Athletes are two individuals who thrive on and off the field. They are great examples of the athletes we take pride in here at Acceleration.

First up, meet Ava Williams from Sartell High School.

“Ava works extremely hard at getting stronger and better for her team. She maintains a high GPA and also volunteers to big brother big sister and kids against hunger.”

Next up, John Huebsch - a senior from Apollo High School!

“John has had an innate passion for baseball ever since he was able to pick up a bat and ball and glove. When he was an infant, however, he suffered from a condition called Craniosynostosis. Essentially, he did not have a soft spot on his head to allow the skull bones to expand. This required brain surgery by Dr. Nagib at Minneapolis Children's Hospital. John was 10 months old and this surgery was designed to alleviate the pressure in his head and allow his brain to expand and grow properly. He fully recovered and had 99 stitches over the top of his head. A lot of people don't realize this and think his scar is just a haircut style but he would be glad to show you the remnants of the zigzag incision on his head. After this surgery, he grew up normal but had two primary interests. One was to play electric guitar and the other was to play baseball. 

He has played several positions for many teams but typically you will find him crouched behind the plate in his catcher's gear. He has a great respect for the game of baseball and expects the same from his teammates. He is glad to make the extra effort in any given situation and many times that means working with other players in an independent practice to improve their game along with his. John does this because he has an understanding that baseball is a team sport and he will always demonstrate support for his teammates. He will regularly show the proper respect for the coaches and the opponents and the umpires. This may be reflective of his personality but he is also in a unique position, as catcher, where he needs to closely interact with the umpires and the opposing players. He has played for several area teams and because of this he has formed friendships with many players from opposing teams. 

John could be described as a quiet leader. He leads by example both on and off the field. He has a reverence for the game and also carries a 3.8 GPA in school. He has a strong faith in God and is proud to wear a cross shaped necklace designed out of two intersecting baseball bats. He is a deeply caring person and relates well to those around him. He plans to attend Century College next year in White Bear Lake and has been recruited to play for their baseball team.”