Acceleration Sports Center is Central Minnesota’s first indoor sports facility equipped with 10,000 square feet of turf perfect for baseball, softball, football, and soccer. We also have a full-size court used by basketball and volleyball athletes. Parents of players and community members enjoy the fitness equipment offered in our viewing area giving them an excellent view of both the turf and court side of the facility.

Our facility houses 50,000 parents, players and community members per year with many calling this place a second home. We offer a variety of services for players seven years of age up to high school and parents are always willing to support and observe as their players are improving their skills. We often see families traveling 50 or more miles to train at Acceleration Sports Center.

We offer local businesses, clubs, and organizations an opportunity to advertise at Acceleration Sports Center in order to reach a like-minded crowd. Our facility may welcome the exact target-market your business strives to reach.

Advertise at ASC with signage guaranteed to be noticed. Our advertising package offers two (2) 4 ft. x 8 ft. signs hung in the facility both turf and court side. Turf side signage include a lane name (ie. your team is practicing in the Acceleration Sports Center lane). Advertising packages will include a 3-year contract which gives your business, club or organization the opportunity to continue to get recognition throughout our growth. In a community with a large focus on sports and recreation, our facility will continue to increase in foot traffic yearly.

3 years of the contract paid in full: $7,480 (2 months free)

2 years of the contract paid in full: $5,060 (1 month free)

1 year of the contract paid in full: $2,640

Contracts are to be paid in 1, 2 or 3-year increments. We do not offer a monthly contract.

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