Private Baseball and Softball Lessons

What will set you apart from the above-average players and from the best players? What will you do to get yourself to the top? Anyone that has been a part of that kind of success will always tell you…practice, practice, and more practice! Major leaguers use a 30 day repetition training program to ensure that everything you adjust and work on is embedded in your muscle memory! Our trainers at Acceleration know that this is what it takes to develop the complete player. We offer private, custom-tailored, lessons for baseball and softball players. Our Private lessons are individualized 30 or 60 Minute sessions, with a professional Instructor who will create a training regimen tailored to meet you or your player’s needs. 30 minutes is really the bare minimum to have ample time to cover topics such as hitting mechanics, position specific training, base-running, pitching technique, or any other combination of skills. Not only will you have 30 or 60 Minutes with a proven trainer but Acceleration Baseball Center incorporates the latest and best cutting edge technology and equipment with your session. We will also include video feedback and analysis for our players after their initial evaluation session. Upon request, we can adjust schedules to accommodate longer session times.

All Training sessions include one on one training with one of our instructors. The Pro-Batter and IronMike Machine can be used with a trainer at an additional charge and availability. Members of Acceleration baseball center also receive added discounts on Training Packages and usage of our Pro-Batter and Iron Mike Machine. See Staff for details, email us, or call us anytime!

What’s involved in a Private Lesson?


Al Newman or Augie Rodriguez will be working on Tee Work, soft toss, front toss, and quality live batting practice. Pro Batter is available upon request. Our strategy is to teach a PRO STYLE hitting technique which can be used through the players development.


Teaching balance, rhythm, and tempo to field ground balls consistently. Using our techniques will lead to proper throwing mechanics in all positions infield and outfield. Techniques that are necessary to succeed in live game settings. Outfielders will succeed in our programs by understanding proper angles and routes to take with the ball.


Our coaches will help you in all aspects of your current pitching game and technique. We have coaches that have pitched at every level of Baseball and Softball. Preparation, technique, rhythm, confidence, power will give our pitchers conviction when throwing every pitch on the mound.


Working on stamina will increase your speed around the bases and making your initial move towards the ball in the field. Work on your strength and conditioning at our indoor facility in Central MN will ensure that you have the stamina to finish the season strong and avoid any chance of injury during the long season. A fit body and mind are huge characteristics of an excellent player. We will help make you the best baseball or softball player you can be.

Members Private Training Sessions with Instructor (60 min)


  • Single: $55
  • Double: $105
  • Triple: $150
  • Homerun: $190
  • Grandslam: $300

  • Iron Mike
  • Single: $65
  • Double: $125
  • Triple: $180
  • Homerun: $225
  • Grandslam: $400

  • Pro Batter
  • Single: $120
  • Double: $230
  • Trple: $330
  • Homerun: $420
  • Grandslam: $750
  • Non-Members Private Training Sessions with Instructor (60 min)


  • Single: $80
  • Double: $150
  • Triple: $200
  • Homerun: $275
  • Grand Slam: $375

  • Iron Mike
  • Single: $70
  • Double: $130
  • Triple: $185
  • Homerun: $230
  • Grand Slam: $405

  • Pro Batter
  • Single: $125
  • Double: $235
  • Trple: $335
  • Homerun: $425
  • Grand Slam: $755
  • Private Training Sessions with Instructor (30 min)

    Recommended for younger children

    Members: $35.00
    Non-Members: $60.00

    **Packages are discounted based on commitment. Private training sessions should be scheduled out in advanced but we will work with your individual schedule if needed. Grand Slam is the best value and recommended for maximum development and understanding of the players needs**