Group Baseball and Softball Lessons

Our group lessons are customized programs that have been put together by our Trainers who together have 30 years of Major League Baseball Experience! There is an emphasis on introduction to skill training for the younger player as well as working on Skills and Techniques for the more advanced players! Players that participate in group lessons and clinics will learn both the fundamentals of the game as well as advanced techniques from our professional staff. We work hard to instill the values of teamwork, self-confidence, sportsmanship, and overall love of the game. Our Classes are limited so that each participant receives personalized attention from our instructors. (Some exceptions can be made for larger groups prior to the scheduling of your Lesson.

What’s involved in a Group Lesson?


Receive hitting instruction for one of our Softball or Baseball trainers at our indoor facility in St. Cloud, MN


Get baseball or Softball fielding and defensive work training in our indoor facility in St Cloud, MN. Rain or shine, your training session is on!


Our coaches will help you in all aspects of your current pitching game and technique. We have coaches that have pitched at every level of Baseball and Softball.


Work on your strength and conditioning at our indoor facility in Central MN. A fit body and mind are huge characteristics of an excellent player. We will help make you the best baseball or softball player you can be.


Membership Cost

(includes on personal 30 minute training session)

Single - $57.00/mo
Family - $79.00/mo

Affiliate Team Member

(Member of baseball or softball organization)

Single - $37.00/mo
Family - $59.00/mo

Group Training Session

4 Person Max

Members - $30/hr per person
Non Members - $35/hr per person

College/Pro Memberships

Single - $35.00/mo

Lane Cage Fee

2 Person Max (with Guardian)

Non Member $30/30min $50/hour – Open Lane Rental
Non Member $50/30min $70/hour – Iron Mike Pitching Machine Rental
Non Member $115/30min $135/hour – Pro Batter Pitching Machine Rental

Member $10/30min $15/hour – Open Lane Rental
Member $20/30min $30/hour – Iron Mike Pitching Machine Rental
Member $25/30min $35/hour – Pro Batter Pitching Machine Rental
*Children under 14 Years Old Must be Accompanied by an Adult*

**All group sessions are designed to maximize attention and the time allotted. We recommend limiting the sessions to 4 -10 people but are willing to discuss special situations if they arise. We would also encourage committing to at least 3 sessions so our trainers can better understand the players ability and improvement areas**

All Pricing Includes Tax