Defensive and Hitting Group Training

Primarily a second baseman, Newman also played shortstop, third base and left field. He made his major league debut on Jun 14th 1985. Al Newman, or Newmie, started his long career at San Diego State University.

After being drafted two times, Newman declined contracts with two MLB teams and returned to school. In 1981 he was drafted again 12th overall and decided to sign his first MLB contract with the Montreal Expos. Newman Played from 1985 to 1992 in the Majors.

He was on the 1987 and 1991 World Series Champions Minnesota Twins. From 1992 until present day, Al continues to teach and mold young kids with a similar passion for the game.

Hitting at Acceleration Baseball

Hitting at Acceleration Baseball

Right Equipment, Right Instructors

At Acceleration Baseball, we have made the investment in High Tech Equipment and at a State of the Art facility. Centrally located in St Cloud, MN, you are always a short drive away from having the resources you need to live up to your true potential!

We have a Brand New Pro Batter machine that projects a pitcher onto the screen so you as a hitter, can time your trigger and test out your swing at all speeds and with different pitch types. Al Newman will take you through techniques that will allow you to increase your Bat speed, Skills at the plate, patience, Rhythm, and timing. Learn from a 2 Time World Series Champion during this session.

Defensive Training at Acceleration

Defensive Training at Acceleration

Become a Better Player on Defense

SportsCenter is full of homeruns and strikeouts, but rarely is the inning-ending 6-4-3 double play highlighted on the show. The shortstop’s approach to the grounder, the second baseman’s transfer and leap, and the first baseman’s stretch are things of beauty, and more symphonic than the performances on the mound or in the box, and yet underappreciated. We are offering comprehensive Group Training Clinic designed to work on defensive drills, strategies, and curriculum that will make you a better all-around baseball player and teammate.

Small Group Training

2, 3, or 4 Players at a time

This is a Small Group Training opportunity. We have plenty of days available but they WILL fill up fast. Sign up early to make sure you get the day that works best for you!