Arm Care Program

Taking care of a player's arm is one of the most crucial aspects of baseball and softball training. The rise of certain injuries and procedures throughout the years has been quite alarming. Ruptured tendons, strained ligaments, torn muscles, and more can keep a player off the field. Our arm care program is designed to help prevent such injuries and mitigate the wear and tear a player's arm goes through with all of the throws associated with the game. Our coaches have extensively studied proper conditioning techniques, stretching regimens, and strength exercises to make sure you are on the mound or in the field.

What’s involved in the Arm Care Program?


We have created a custom stretching protocol that hits all of the major muscles involved in the throwing motion.

Joint Care

Throwing is incredibly stressful on your shoulder, wrist, and elbow. We can design an exercise regimen specifically for each individual's needs that will help protect and preserve the many ligaments and tendons that are affected by making the throws associated with the game.

Member Pricing

2 Days/Week - 45 Minute Sessions

4 weeks - $100

6 weeks - $150

8 weeks - $200

Contact Us if you would like to take part in the ARM Care Clinics or if you would like more information on Availability and Schedule!

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