Hit a Homerun at Our Hometown Baseball Facility

Train and excel at Acceleration Sports Center

At Acceleration Sports Center, we have all the tools you need to succeed on the field. Our staff has one focus: to create better baseball and softball players through training programs. Acceleration Sports Center allows athletes of all ages to get better throughout the year without being thrown off by bad Minnesota weather. We are proud to have a flexible, adaptable and positive environment that works for all ages. We have grown from just Baseball and Softball to Volley Ball, Basketball and anything else you can do on a court! So call us today to find out how we can help you Get Better!

Cutting-edge programs from the finest athletes around

Our programs include individualized coaching sessions coupled with strength, conditioning and agility training. You can bring the whole team for practice and training as well! You’ll love our brand new facility, as it boasts:

  • Baseball-specific weight rooms
  • Pro Batter pitching machines with curveball features
  • Projection screens showing your favorite pitchers
  • Training area complete with artificial turf and pitching mounds

We have some of the best trainers on staff, including former MLB players Augie Rodriguez and Al Newman. With over 40 years Experience in Pro Baseball and coaching, our trainers are a great mix of talent. They’ve created the most unique and cutting edge programs around, all focused on the latest and greatest softball and baseball training techniques.

In addition to the custom training programs and clinics, we will offer video analysis and feedback designed to give all our players perspective on their weaknesses while providing constructive training points.

Find success on the field and in your everyday life

Your swing, pitch, defensive or throwing technique is as unique as you are. At Acceleration Baseball Center, you won’t have to adjust to any sort of mandated technique. All we’ll do is make sure you have a natural and smooth playing motion. At Acceleration Baseball Center, we’re more than a facility – we’re your perfect fit! Let’s develop a unique, customized program designed just for you or your team. Get in touch with us today to arrange what you need!


Acceleration Baseball Center only hires professional instructors with superior knowledge of baseball and softball. Schedule a time with one of our trainers today!


Our brand new facility is centrally located in Minnesota, so anyone can take advantage of our resources without the long commute. The center provides 9 cages-each cage 20 ft high, 70ft long, and 17ft wide which makes them the biggest cages in Minnesota. Plus, the weight room is located on site for parents and players. Call today for more information.